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Eminent Domain:
Eminent Domain: “The power of the federal or state government to take private property for a public purpose, even if the property owner objects.”

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows the government to take private property if the taking is for a public use and the owner is "justly compensated" (usually, paid fair market value) for his or her loss. Uses may include roads, parks, reservoirs, schools, hospitals or other public buildings.

Preventing government from taking a person’s land is very difficult and may only be accomplished in limited and unique situations. Although this has been achieved historically on behalf of some clients the primary focus is in assuring that a client does, indeed, achieve “just compensation”. The Howell Law Firm has obtained excellent results in this area, both through trial - when absolutely necessary to serve a client’s best interests - and in many instances through negotiation and mediation. Extensive experience in battling the condemning authorities and a reputation of integrity has led to settlements in many difficult cases.

- The Process

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